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Disconnected during games, connection still stands

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HI I just purchased a MadCatz Wireless Gaming Adapter for the Xbox 360, I set up the adapter so that it connects to my wireless internet and setup went fine. I find that I can log in to Xbox Live, and play online for a little. Eventually I get disconnected from the internet, and can't reconnect to Xbox Live. I then proceed to go to the Test Connection page and everything checks out fine. When I go back to play online I get disconnected after 10-15 minutes, and again can not reconnect to xbox live without going back, signing out and testing the connection. I'm guessing this has something to do with the adapter, any idea what's going on?

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    It's going to be hard to troubleshoot something like this when we don't know the indicators for when something isn't working for your particular gaming adapter. Do you have the ability to use the Microsoft Gaming Adapter or try to used a wired Ethernet cable to directly connect your Xbox 360 to your router to see if you still disconnect?

    We really don't have the ability to diagnose 3rd party gaming adapter products. 

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