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Status Code: 800705b4

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Hi, in the recent two weeks I've been unable to connect fully to xbox live, I've done all the troubleshooting I've also cleared my cache all that business. I've also looked on other posts and it seems like no one is getting any answers or solutions so I'll just state my problems.

Basically i can sign into xbox live however this takes an extended period of time, after signing in the loading screen for the dashboard then takes awhile to load and eventually pops up with either Status Code: 80072ee2 or Status Code: 800705b4. I can view all my friends online and even join partys, although when i speak its very laggy and no one is able to hear my clearly, this is not a problem with my mic as I've used it at a friends house. I'm also able to join matchmaking on halo 4 however when i join im extremely laggy and often disconnect from the server.

It is clear that i am not the only one having this such problem, and ive failed to find a solution either.

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    See if this helps

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    Screen freezing isn't the problem, my connection to xbox live is the problem

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    Status codes: 8b010008, 80072741, 80072ee2, and 8b010008

    Solution 1: Check the status of the Xbox LIVE service

    Xbox LIVE Marketplace might be unavailable due to system maintenance. Check the status of the Xbox LIVE service . If there is an Xbox LIVE service alert, wait, and then try again later.

    If there are no Xbox LIVE service alerts, try the next solution.

    Solution 2: Test your connection

    Test the Xbox LIVE connection on your Xbox 360 console. Here’s how:

    1. On your console, go to SettingsMy Xbox and then select System.
    2. Select Network Settings.
    3. Select Wired Network or the name of your wireless network if you are prompted to do so.
    4. Select Test Xbox LIVE Connection.
    5. Do one of the following depending on your results:
    • If the test fails and you can't connect to Xbox LIVE, see Can't connect to Xbox LIVE?
    • If the Xbox LIVE service is available, try the next solution.
    • If there is an Xbox LIVE service alert, try again later when the Xbox LIVE service is available.

    Solution 3: Open network ports

    If you have a firewall or are connected to a network through your workplace or school, you might need to open network ports in order for your Xbox 360 console to communicate with Xbox LIVE. See Network ports used by Xbox LIVE for help with opening network ports.

    or try turning off the port forward or nat and use UPNP on your router/modem and that will allow your devices to open the ports that they need

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    I have the same lag issue on my xbox at home but my brothers xbox at the same house connected to the same wiereless router is not having this issue. im thinking its the xbox issue.

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    Dose it ask you for email and password before this happens you can back out of that and it will work most of the time

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    Sory I can't spell

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    i am getting this code too but it wont let me stay on LIVE. i go to connect and it wants email and password. i enter them and it asks if i want it to remember while it signs in in the background (number of friends shows). it then gives me the subject code and says it cant connect

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    Same Card Dreamer. It keeps asking me for email and password twice and it won't even stay logged in.

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    same i really need help ASAP the error code is 800705B4

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    I was having the same issue until I started up my xbox WITHOUT a disc in the tray.

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    Same issue here as well. I'm prompted to input my email address and password, then it'll sign me in for a couple of minutes until the 'remember password' prompt. I hit next et voila - doesn't work.

    It's obviously a widespread problem that I'm sure Microsoft are acting swiftly to resolve.

    EDIT: My account is up and running again . The rest of you should try again.

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    taking the disc out worked.... that just blows my mind. thank you though

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    I still can't sign in, and the no cd in tray didn't make a difference, I guess just have to wait now!

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    This aint on man what the hell is goin on!

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    my problems  arent done. i cant play disc games online. soon as i try the system will lock and stay locked until i disconned iternet cable. this is ALL tied to that code!? I'm trying to play BioShock 2