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Incorrect Wireless Password

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My Xbox 360 Slim will not connect to the internet. It says incorrect wireless password even though it is correct. Also it worked fine up until about 5 weeks ago. I have xfinity home internet. PLEASE HELP ME !!!

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    verify that the passwrd that you type is correct...

    Find your password on your hardware

    If your Internet service provider gave you a wireless router or gateway, your network password might be printed on the router or gateway. Look for the following terms:

    • Security Key
    • Wireless Key
    • WPA Key
    • WPA 2 Key
    • WEP Key

    Find your password using Windows 7

    If your computer is connected to your wireless network and is running Windows 7, you can find the password by doing the following:

    1. Click the wireless strength indicator on the Windows 7 taskbar (bottom right corner).


    2. Right-click your wireless network name, and then select Properties.


    3. Select Show characters to display the wireless network password.


    Find your password on the router configuration webpage

    1. Open a web browser on your computer.

    2. Type the default IP address for your router or gateway in the address bar (see table below), and then press ENTER.


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    Please read:-

    And post back your details in full (the bits that are in bold on that post) so that people may help

    If you are wireless can you also state whether you are using the white or black external adapter or the Xbox 360S Internal adapter


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    What Country/State/Province do you live in? United States Indiana, Indiapolis

    Modem brand & model number:

    Router brand & model number: Xfinity model: TG862G/CT

    If Wireless, are you using a white or black external adapter, or an internal (Xbox 360S) adapter? internal

    Things you have tried: resetting router, changing wireless encryption, getting my password off of my computer, moving my xbox closer to my router, unobstructing my router

    Is UPnP Enabled? Yes/no/Unknown: no option for it on my router website

    Do you have a NAT error? If so, what is your NAT? none

    Any Error Codes you encounter: none

    Who is your ISP(Internet Service Provider)? xfinity

    After you run "Test Xbox LIVE connection" press “Y” for "More Info”. In the pop-up that appears, what are the following values, if shown? (If a value below does not appear for you, just leave it blank.)

    W: 0000-0000

    X: 8000-0011

    Y: 0000-0000

    Z: 0000-0000

    ID: 0000-0005

    L: 0015-10F1

    Q: 8007-0435

    T: Wireless




    N: HOME-2382

    S: WPA

    C: 0

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    Hi it is a known issue I'm afraid with that router:-

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    My brother also has his xbox 360 when he comes home from college and his works fine

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    Could i get an external adapter to fix this. My brother has a regular xbox 360.

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    Hello ToLegitToQuit21,

    If you would like to try a wireless adapter, I would borrow one from a friend who uses one on their console, to test that it would be able to work out.

    You may want to contact Comcast about getting a different Gateway that they provide for your service, if your unable to give an adapter a try.

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    If you use the same type of adapter your brother uses yes it will work fine, or you could buy powerline adapters