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my xbox live not working right!!!!!!

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my Xbox live keeps disconnection and saying problem with my profile try re downloading try in 30 minuets and might work or keep not working or work on and off and content keeps going temporarily unavailable and cant watch moves sky player or nothing like and is a hassle to even get on website been like this for 2 or 3 days not not good enough now wasting my time and my game time and keeps kicking me out of games wrecking my scores and stuff no good enough at all now i definitely want something to compensate for my troubles.
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    Hello ABS0LUTE KING,

    Sorry to hear about the troubles with your connection to LIVE.  There is an ISP in your region that has been investigating an issue with their connection to Microsoft services.  They sent out a tweet about it.   Does that tweet relate to the issue that you are having?

    Let us know. Thanks!

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