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Error code 80072ef3

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So, I was trying to log in to xbox live today, and I got prompted to enter in my email and password, like I have had to do various times this week.

Now, I'm getting an Errorcode 80072ef3 and I can't stay logged in. A notification says "Three friends are online", but it just logs me back out with that error. I have tried deleting my profile. I have tried redownloading it, and that didn't work. I have tried clearing my system cache, and that didn't work, either.

I tried to look up a solution, and I'm about ready to kill myself here. Nothing works, and I can't find this code in XBox Live support. 

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    This is an odd error, indeed. As you say you have tried the previous steps, there is a thread I found when looking deeper for a solution for you. If you like and are able, perhaps this could help you out:  Sorry about your issue and let us know if there are improvements or not. Other people have simply suggested that upon receiving the error, they turned their console off and then on again which seemed to avoid it again. I do hope this gets sorted for you shortly.

    Gone to PS4~ You little tykes have fun here!

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    You should check this discussion. It may shed some light to your problem.

    Title: Randomly disconnect from Xbox Live (Error code 80072EF3 FIX)


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    Hi there! That status code refers to a network configuration problem. Here's some steps to troubleshoot the problem.

    1. Check your Live status by clicking on My Account above. If there is a problem with your account, it should be highlighted in red.

    2. If all is good and gold (get it? Ha!), then test your connection to XBOX Live. Go to Settings-System Settings-Network Settings-Wired or Wireless-Test XBOX Live Connection. If it prompts another message, reply here!

    3. If there is nothing wrong with your connection, you might want to then check on your ports and open them. To do this, just click on the link as follows:

    Hope this helps!

    Of course, I can help you with your XBOX related questions by messages as well. That's how I roll. :D

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    Wierd, it must have been my internet connection. This morning I was able to log in with not being asked to enter an email or password. Well, thanks for helping anyway.

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    ^Clear System Items - delete profile, clear cache, redownload the profile.