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QoS settings for Live

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Hi, I have an actiontec gt724wgr modem/router/gateway and i'm confused how to set the QoS to get best wired connection for xbox Live. I don't have to port forward anything i don't think because when i click on the modem icon and go to properties then settings it lists xbox port 3074 udp as a service running. I can add addition rules and i can also forward ports on the device webpage but i don't know if anymore need to be opened or not since i always connect fine (but slow) and have an open nat. I also have dmz enabled for my xbox as well and all wireless turned off since no one in my home uses anything wireless. what I'm confuse on is when i go to advanced settings i have a page for qos upstream and qos down stream. on the upstream page i can check the box for enable qos then it show total available bandwith as 320Kbps and shows high priority bandwidth as 296 which is changeable. it has a place to enter source IP then destination IP and i can set a precedence level of 1-7 and both ask for port ranges being default at 0-65535. i then have to add rule and apply. On the qos downstream it is pretty much the same except i can't set a precedence level and the available bandwidth is 448 Kbps and high priority bandwidth is 385 kbps. I need to know what IP addresses to use for source and destination, what port ranges should i use on upstream, what to enter if anything at all on downstream since i can't set a precedence level, and what i should set the high priorty bandwidth to all so i can throttle down bandwidth to my computer while throttling up bandwidth to my Xbox 360. I've looked all over for setting for my specific networking device but the model apparently doesn't exist except for a useless pdp manual that tells me nothing i don't already know.

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    Hi Val. Sorry to see you're having troubles with your router. Have you looked at There is a lot of great information that can help you through the process there.I'd suggest to go here since you have many questions regarding your set up.

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    Use the 360's IP for both. give it a preference of 1 (being the best) I usually assign 90% of the available bandwidth to the 360. (This option isn't available for all routers)

    I recommend reading "How to Configure Your Router for Gaming" the QoS stuff is on page 7.

    Usually with QoS you only need enter the IP or the ports.

    I feel using the IP is much easier.

    Note that you don't need to enable this if you know that there are not any additional users on the network while you're on the 360.

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    I wish I had specifics regarding QoS to share with you.


    However, I can suggest that port forwarding should include both TCP and UDP for port 3074.

    It's more efficient and takes less router CPU time than DMZ.  


    Please also make sure that UPnP is disabled as it can conflict with both DMZ and Port Forwards.

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    you should set QOS on ports.

    If you want to understand and read here is one of the best links I ever saw. It´s for tomato Firmware but you can use the Information for all.