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Ok I'm not very computer literate, please don't answer with stuff saying about the DHCP and the blah blah because I don't understand, what i really would appreciate would be step by step answers to my problem pleaaaaaaaaase

Ok so for some reason last night i was disconnected from my xbox live, when i tried to reconnect the ICMP error message came up "Your console is not receiving icmp responses properly from your router or modem"

now I tried everything on the list, everything I've found on other sites and forums like changing the ip and doing manual, running initial set up, and god knows what except plug the router in to the xbox with the wire because it's just not possible with the layout of my house etc and nothing works

i'm really getting sick and tired of this, i use my xbox a lot for watching films and tv and stuff so it sucks balls that i can't connect to god *** xbox live

nothing i do seems to work i just need a simple answer if anyone can give me one. i don't want to format it cause that probably won't solve the problem and it'll delete all my save data. and my computer has also acknowledged that there is an ip conflict but even when i change the ip on the xbox manually it doesn't work


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    I as well have an ICMP error. Was working fine two days ago and then yesterday it went down. I paid no attention to it as on the website it said that there were some issues connecting to xbox live. But the situation was fixed but not for me. I've tried all the basics...restarting modem, router etc. Called xbox and road runner but still no solution.

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    Hey there Pretty, welcome to the Forums!  I am here to help and I promise not to tell you to try defragging your XYZ-log to initial configurations.

    So first off, I'm guessing this is the guide you tried, right? Xbox 360 ICMP Error | Xbox ICMP Error .  Please give it a shot if you haven't.  Basically there is something in how your console and your network are communicating. Since it started recently, I kind of have a feeling that your router/modem need an update.  It might be worth calling your internet provider or the maker of the router to check in on that.

    Also, for that wired-to-modem test, if you could move the console just temporarily to check that out, at least it would help us narrow down the issue a bit.

    Other than that, can you fill out the info posted here? START HERE for connection troubleshooting!  We'll get you back online ASAP and we'll try to keep it low-jargon while we do it. :)


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    Just want you to know your not alone. I have tried everything called ISP all that nothing has fixed this was playing 3days ago and randomly got disconnected. All my PC's work fine and connect to the net and nothing in my router settings have changed and i have all the needed ports forwarded since a year now.  3 days later still trying everything ICMP error. I can't believe this is our problem at this point aftering doing everything possible yet my pc works just fine

    Did multiple packet tests with cmd and online and i am sending and receiving. Packets perfectly with no jitter yet i all of a sudden have icmp error witb Xbox.

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    Appreciate if you could all tell us who your ISP are so we can get a clearer view if this is solely related to a single ISP.

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    Mine is charter

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    Thanks xStickUpKidsx! Appreciate if you could post up the make and model of your modem and router as well.

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    Well its a d-link624 but as i said nothing was changed when i all of a sudden got icmp error and my three PC s each run from the same router and have no problem with the net. I also configured the router myself so nothing is using the same ip and everything is hardwired in, as well as ported correctly i even took the time to factory reset and reconfig everything and assign a new IP to the xbox. Believe me I've done everything, not trying to be rude. All i do knoe for a fact is this happen when i was alerted of a service alert. Just as pretty said and still have problems even tho it says everything is up. It's been 3 days and i have constantly be trying to solve this. I've literally done everything from trying my laptop with the xbox cable to reseting everything to calling people. And nothing

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    I fully understand that you are frustrated. Currently it seems that several users are experiencing ICMP error with connectivity to Xbox LIVE. I do not think this is related to a DNS lookup, but could you try set your Xbox DNS settings to Google Public DNS as follows:

    1. Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and then select System Settings.
    2. Select Network Settings.
    3. Select Wired Network or the name of your wireless network, if you are prompted to do so.
    4. Select Configure Network.
    5. On the Basic Settings tab, select DNS Settings.
    6. Select Manual.
    7. Select Primary DNS Server.
    8. Enter
    9. Select Secondary DNS Server.
    10. Enter
    11. Select Done again.
    12. Press the B button on your controller, and then select Test Xbox LIVE Connection.


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    im haveing the same problem i got actiontech, verizon

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    Aite let me give this a try i will let u know

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    Yeab still icmp error....i found a fourm the other day where people were having this problem around jan 31st

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    My main questions are why all of a sudden? And as well as icmp deals with sending a receiving packets so i run a basic send and receive packet test in cmd on pc and at 500 with no packet lose in roughly at least 10 mins yet my xbox all of a sudden cant do this in 4 miliseconds. With other people having this problem it seems like a live thing. Not pointing fingers at all because i want this fixed for everyone involved.

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    What is the make and model of your modem?

    If you're using version 2.76 of the d-link 624, downgrade to a certified version. Version 2.76 causes issues with Xbox LIVE. Certified versions listed here!

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    I have the same issue as the ICMP error...and what gets me is that I've contacted xbox 3 times about it...yet they don't help. 3 times. They eventually just say contact your internet provider and then hang up. I've contacted my internet provider 2 times and there's no issue on their end. I'm using a Ubee Modem and a d-link 604 router which connects to my apple airport to which is connected to my xbox via ethernet. There were no issues on Sunday...but come monday this ICMP error came around and could never be fixed.

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    I feel you bro i really do. Im not exactly sure what my fimware is but it hasnt been changed for a year and ive ran xbox fine up until now