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Update Failed/status code 3F4B-0000-3080-0508-8007-2EE2

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bought new xbox last month after 6+ years of flawless xbox play on my old one. worked fine until yesterday`s UPDATE. now i can`t sign into live AND can`t get the update so i 'can' sign in.

spent 3 hours on this issue yesterday. went thru all the troubleshooting suggestions. [unplugging, rebooting modem/router, going straight to modem/bypassing router, going back to factory settings, etc.] nothing works. 

please, can someone tell me what i can do to get this resolved? 

have read thru most of the other threads here that are having problems with this 'update' least i don`t feel quite so alone now. but very frustrating for sure. thanks in advance for your help.

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    oh yes, i am using wired. fyi

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    this happens all the time with me

    here are some methods try out.

    1) go to system

    2) select memory or storage

    3) highlight harddrive and click Y

    4) clear system cache

    5) yes to all options

    6) retry the download again

    if it fails try this mothod

    1) go to system

    2) select memory or storage

    3) highlight harddrive and click Y

    4) clear system cache (do i three times)

    5) highlight the harddrive again press LB RB X LB RB X

    6) yes to all options

    7) retry the download again

    if it fails again try it without any memory devices plugged into the xbox at all inculding kinect and usbs

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    thanks for info coopz. while i was waiting for a reply/help i thought i would give it one more try. after a long waiting period, it actually accepted the download. yea! whew, that was 24 hours of angst.

    now that i have successfully gotten the update downloaded [must be on xbox`s side since i did nothing new since yesterday] it signs me into LIVE, but won`t keep me signed in. ugh!

    any suggestions on fixing that issue? lol

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    Hey there!  It's not keeping you signed in?  How often do you get signed out and what exactly does it look like  Here's a good place to start for help: Xbox LIVE Disconnects | Xbox LIVE Slow | Speed up Xbox LIVE 

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    It happened to me and I just kept trying the update and it worked.

    my xbox freezes after half an hour now but that is it.