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Can't Sign In to Xbox Games Apps on Windows 8 PC

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I have a Windows 8 PC and created an Xbox account.  When opening and playing an App (such as Microsoft Mahjong), I cant connect to my account.  There is a box in the upper right corner that says 'Xbox Games'.  In that box it says 'Signing In' and the circle of dots clocks on and on without ever signing me in.  Please help!

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    try this link and hope it helps

    that will give you some options thanks for choosing microsoft.

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    first i love xbox games............i can't sing in............i have no suggested answers to you ..............sorry!!!!!......hope it will work soon.........

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    Hey guys I know its been a long time since anyone posted in this forum but I am having similar problems I can sign into my xbox account on xbox hour glass on my computer I can also sign onto on my computer and I have no dramas with my xbox console but I cannot sign into my xbox account in my Microsoft games on pc solitare etc I keep getting a message come up saying can't sign in please sign in on close this app and reopen it after sign in I have repeated this process over and over with no luck.. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. Alex

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    Hey there A Warbo90!

    Please go ahead and create a new thread if you haven't already.  This way you can receive support specifically tailored to you.  Be sure to include the detail of the issue as well as any troubleshooting steps that you have tried. Thanks in advance!

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