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XBOX live Gold will not sign on. Error code 80049C1A

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I'm trying to access Netflix from my Xbox dashboard, and it continually gives me a prompt that says I need to log on to Xbox live Gold.  My Gold enabled profile is online, but when I try to sign in again it asks me about my security proofs, leading me to input my email address and receive a a four digit code.  After inputting the code I get the following message "Sorry, there was a problem.  Please try again later. Code: 80049C1A".  What can I do to fix the problem?

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    Hi Bern! This is an odd situation. Has anything changed recently, or did this happen out of the blue? I would suggest trying to remove and then re-add your security proofs, as well as change your password. Let us know. Thanks!a

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    I had the same problem. My theory is that it takes a few minutes to recognize the new security codes. If you reset your console and keep trying to sign in from the home page you eventually get in. I always have issues whenever Microsoft want details updated. Don't like the way they asked me for my phone number either.

    Just stay patient Hope this helps even though it's more of a turn it off and on again suggestion.