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error code 800704cd

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I noticed that over the last 2 days xbox live kept on disconnecting. prior to this i have had no problems with this happening, i am from nz and know we dont have the best connection speeds but have never had anything like this happen before

so i checked on here for things to do. Here is the list of what i have tried so far

using wired connection so no wireless issues

checked live status (good)

contacted isp to see if there were any issues on their end (fine)

reset modem (after every new thing i have attempted)

cleared system cache

deleted profile on xbox (just the profile)

now when i attempt to download my profile i receive the 800704cd error

on system test here are the numbers

w: 0000-000b

x: 0000-f001

y: 20a8-4840

z: 0000-0000

id: ffff-ffff

l: 8015-100c

q: 8015-100c

t: wired




any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Well after chatting with xbox tech support we found out it was a hard drive failure so have to get a new hard drive

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    Hello ramerazz,


    To start off, which Router do you have?

    You may check if your Router is in the supported Router/Modem list.

    If it is listed in supported router/Modem list, then connect your cable that is connected with your Xbox into LAN 1 and disconnect all other cables that are plugged in into the Router.

    Leave it that way for about 3 hours.


    Let us know what the results are.



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    Well after chatting with xbox tech support we found out it was a hard drive failure so have to get a new hard drive

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    This is exactly what has been happening to us to the tee.  In NZ too, last few days xbox live disconnecting every 2-3 mins so trying the delete profile and redownload but cannot.  Currently investigating the hard drive thing, but weve had this system and same router through a few houses never any issues until last cupl of days.

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    Same here, i have spent 4 hrs with support chat  and it is still coming up with 800704CD, Im in NZ too mine started doing it on Monday 22/04 - apparently i am not alone!! i hope i don't have to get a new hard drive i have pretty much deleted everything I dont use off it aswell.

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    Hi everyone, I'm in NZ also and my xbox is also showing these same symptoms.   I initially tried deleting my profile and have even gone so far as saving everything to USB and then reformatting the hard drive  but it's still not working.

    Initially I hired a movie via Xbox movies... but then it kept signing me out every few minutes.   So I tried deleting my profile but now I can't download it again.

    Like others I've had the same modem/router for a couple of years and haven't had any issues with xbox live except for the last week or so when this started happening.

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    Hey guys I was having the exact same issue and I'm in NZ and with I've finally managed to download my profile. After all my frustration I gave up trying to resolve the issue for a few days and then tried again last night. The difference this time was that I no longer got the "profiles can't be downloaded right now" error and could enter in my email and password. But the next problem was that no matter what I did I was continually getting an "incorrect email/password" error. Today I saw a forum post where someone mentioned that if you had two-factor authentication set up on your account you can't just enter your regular account password. You have to generate a special "app password". And yes, when following previous advice to update security proofs I had turned on two-factor authentication. Check out this blog:

    I suspect Flip had some issues and that in the process of trying to resolve the problem I caused another problem. Give it a go and fingers crossed it works for you!

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    Hi everyone, just a short update.   I've been speaking with the guys from and they've made a small change today 3/05/2013 and this seems to have sorted the issue for me.   If you are with Flip you may want to try and re-download your profile once again.  Cheers.

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    Exact same issue with me. Using same router as always, now suddenly these issues. And I'm in the middle of the United States. Wtf.

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    Greetings devilsboy365!

    Can you please create a new thread, detailing out your situation including any error code you are getting and any troubleshooting steps you have tried so far. This will help us to provide you with the very best support possible. Thank you!

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    I noticed that I get disconnected within 5-15 minutes of signing in to Xbox LIVE. This happened 6 times in a row, which really annoyed me. I deleted my profile and whenever I tried to redownload it, I get different error codes. First, the error code was 80072741. I tried again and the error code was now 80072751. The 3rd time I tried to redownload my profile, the error status code was now 800704CD. Can anybody help me with this very annoying issue. P.S Fix your stuff, Microsoft.

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    you won't believe this, but a couple weeks back i added some kid on xbox live, he was trying to gift me credits to a game, but refused ultimately, he was a hack. anyway, i was having these huge problems logging in and couldn't keep my profile online, or anything, deleted profile, couldn't download it…came on here, and deleted him and his friend that i made, and then all a sudden it starts working again.  his description on his profile was lolololol xbox is mad… *** hackers, tired of them.

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    I've been having problems trying to download my profile as well, I get the "800704CD" status code after I was halfway through my download. I'm still clueless as of right now.

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    Hey there MrR3aper aG!

    Could you please start a new thread, as this thread is quite old. Doing so will make it easier for everyone to assist you.


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