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001 - Backward Compatibility Please post here if you are having issues when playing an Xbox 360 title on your Xbox One. Please include the game you were playing, issue you experienced, and the time the issue occurred. 340
002 - Gears of War: Xbox 360 Collection Accidentally delete your code from playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition? Post here! 289
01 - Forum Announcements Important info from Microsoft and Xbox employees. 2
02 - Connecting to Xbox Live on Xbox One First time connecting to Live, connection issues, NAT errors and more. 4,048
03 - Managing my Xbox Live Account on Xbox One Adding/changing security proofs, managing Gold memberships, Microsoft Account info and more. 3,676
04 - Xbox One Console System errors, disc drive issues, and other questions about your Xbox One console. 15,035
05 - Xbox One Accessories Controllers, Headsets, Adapters, Remotes, & other official Xbox One accessories 2,692
06 - Xbox One Games Retail (disc) Xbox One, Games on Demand, Xbox Live Arcade, and Indie games. 4,504
07 - Purchasing, Downloading, & Redeeming on Xbox One Purchasing, downloading and redeeming content from the Xbox Live Marketplace, license transfers, and other billing questions. 3,647
08 - Promotions & Special Offers on Xbox One Special offers available on the Xbox Live Dashboard or via email. 2,810
09 - Groove Music & Microsoft Movies & TV on Xbox One Using and troubleshooting Xbox Music and Xbox Video on Xbox One. 636
10 - Apps on Xbox One Using and troubleshooting Apps on Xbox One. 2,940
11 - Live TV on Xbox One Setting up, using, and troubleshooting Live TV on Xbox One. 2,088
12 - Kinect on Xbox One Calibration and setup, playing Kinect games, Video Kinect, and Voice Commands. 996
13 - Xbox One Account & Console Enforcement Actions Inquiries about account and console suspensions, feature revocations, forced Gamertag changes, and other enforcement actions. 1,334