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Xbox One stuck at the initial green screen

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Xbox One is stuck at the initial green screen, anyone with this problem please help. I've been waiting for about 45 min now, and still nothing. 

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    Xbox One is stuck at the initial green screen, anyone with this problem please help.

    I just picked up my console and set it up minutes ago. I connected it to my WLAN, and let it download the update. After it restarted, it booted to the green Xbox One logo, and stayed that way. Being a bit impatient I touched the power sensor on the console to turn the console off. The light on the console's power sensor pulsated for about a minute, and when the powerbrick showed a yellow light, I pressed the Guide button on the cotroller to turn it on again.

    The console booted, stayed at the green Xbox One screen for a while (less than a minute) and went on to continue with the setup process, asking me for the time zone.

    So it might just help turning it off and on again...

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    Same here (Germany), contacted support - no solution! and my retailer doesn´t have replacement devices!!

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    Hallo HolstenRitter. Bin auch aus Deutschland. Not quite an hour ago I set up my Xbox One. Be patient and try turning the console off and on again. Here in the forum it seems a lot of people are restarting the console and it seems to work for them. Some need more than one restart, but eventually it should work. For me, it did work after the first manual restart.

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    Same Problem here, also in Germany....

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    Thank you ArminatorX - i have had no luck untill now but i ceep on trying!

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    I have the same problem. Restarted a couple of times and now the screen stays black. No green screen at all.

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    Germany - same issue. Box starts into the Green screen, with initial sound, then stuck on the screen. Rebooted already 5 times, did unplug network & SPDIF but no difference.

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    I spent a while chatting to the support team. When the Green Screen first appeared, I pulled the power from the back rather than using the button. That most likely has damaged the HDD.

    I have registered the device on their website and they are sending me a brand new console. The box that arrives in I send my bricked unit back.

    Slightly gutted but at least it will be replaced.

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    Also happening don't know if it is down loading or not .... so how do you know if something is happening or if it is stuck?

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    Germany - same issue :( first green screen, after contacting support it's black ^^

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    Have rebooted several times, unplugged all cables etc and no success, did wait inbetween, now 3hrs later I give up, will have to return. The XBOX ONE is stuck at the initial green screen, now the Kinect does not even get power anymore.

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    Definitively an issue with the XBOX ONE I had received from Pre Order, I have now connected another XBOX ONE fresh from Media Markt (electronics retailer in Germany), just replacing the console but leaving everything else as is (Power, LAN, Kinect) and it started up into the green initial screen but then after a max of 1 minute (more like 30sec) the screen goes black for 20sec and then a controller picture does appear where you have to confirm with A to proceed. All smooth from there.

    I am returning the broken console and figure out if I get money back or just sell it once replaced.

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    Your xbox isn't broken. The green screen means there's an update happening. It can take several minutes for the screen to go away. There is no such thing as a green screen of death. Myth dispelled.

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    Did read the article, don't see how related to the issue some of us experienced during launch. Fact is that sitting there for 45mins and another 65mins with no progress means something is broken. As said, the new console got over that "green screen" within just minutes. Replaced by MS within days w/out any questions or hassle.

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    Hey ZeNiceGuy,

    I am sorry but can you please start a new thread if you have a question or concern that you need help with? Also can you please clearly state the issue at hand so we can give you the best service possible? Thanks for your help and looking forward to your post.