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This is the issue I`ve been suffering for a week now and not getting any feedback from MS support. Thinking of asking for my money back and getting a PS4 instead.

Rest assured I`ll be seeking compensation if I stick it out.

Xbox One owners outside of the US are reportedly encountering a glitch that prevents the creation or transferal of Xbox Live child accounts to the new console.

The issue arrises when the system requests a small payment as verification for the parent Xbox Live account's credit card, as required by the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Users report that the process becomes stuck in an endless loop, repeatedly asking for re-authorization no matter how many times the user complies.

The issue is thought to relate to a glitch with the account region process; child accounts appear to be automatically assigned a Microsoft account that's set up for a US resident. This causes the credit card verification process to fail when the user attempts to register a non-US credit card.

The issue apparently doesn't affect adult Xbox Live account creation since no pre-approved credit card verification is necessary.

A Microsoft rep has said the firm is "looking into" the matter.

Meanwhile, Xbox customer support is capable of resolving the issue on a case-by-case basis by manually bypassing the credit card verification process for a specified account. Until the issue is resolved completely, it is advised that affected users call customer support.

Don't believe the last paragraph I cant find anyone willing to try.

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    Hey RushieLFC,

    Can you explain to us what your question is? Are you the one stuck in an endless loop when trying to verify a child's account?

    Reach back and let us know

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    That's the issue, I purchased  on launch day kids not been able to access their accounts 8 days now . Chat and Phone support suck I'm afraid was promised 100% an answer yesterday still not received any communication. Have the promise printed off from the chat conversation as proof.  Am escalating this further now as as far as I'm concerned the console and it's software are not fit for purpose and I shall be looking for a full refund on all of my xbox one purchases. Shall be buying a PS4 instead.