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1080i display?

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Hi Guys,

So from what I can see, the xbox one doesn't appear to have an option for 1080i, this is my preferred display as my TV does not support 1080p and 720p doesn't display as nicely and I get better screen real estate. The runs the full range of HDTV outputs, why is is it the One is unable to?  

Is there a reason that Xbox one supports only 640x480, 720p and 1080p? I've just paid $600 for a console, I don't really feel like paying another $600-$1000 for a TV.


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    Hey there Sinclair!

    There is not an option for 1080i display on Xbox One. In your situation, I would suggest using the 720p display option.

    Let us know if you have any more questions. =)

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    You won't notice a difference in the games anyway

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    I have a CRT HDTV with HDMI that is only capable of displaying 1080i.  I was told by XboxSupport2 on Twitter that "You should be just fine, although 1080p is superior - 1080i is supported" when I asked if the Xbox One supported 1080i.  Now I have a Xbox One Day One Edition coming tomorrow and it won't display in HD on my HDTV, because it appears I was misinformed by XboxSupport2.


    The reason I bought a Xbox 360 in the first place was because the PS3 didn't include a hardware scaler for games, so most games did not display in HD on my TV.  The Xbox 360 upscaled all games to whatever resolution the user wanted including 1080i.  Now it seems Microsoft is going backwards with the Xbox One and are repeating the mistakes of the PS3.


    From what I've read, the GPU/CPU in the Xbox One is capable of scaling to 1080i, but Microsoft choose not to allow it because there is "slight blur" with fast moving video at 1080i.  I understand Microsoft wants to force people to use progressive scan resolutions because they think it looks better, but I have never noticed a problem playing games in 1080i on my Xbox 360 and since my TV only displays 1080i I have no choice.  Now Microsoft isn't even giving me a choice of playing in HD on the Xbox One.


    Maybe Microsoft doesn't realize there are quite a few people out there with CRT HDTVs that are only capable of displaying 1080i.  They need to allow those of us with 1080i only HDTVs display the Xbox One in 1080i.  Those of us that were early adopters of HDTV shouldn't be punished because Microsoft doesn't like that 1080i suffers a "slight blur" with fast moving video.  


    Does Microsoft have any plans to patch in 1080i support for those of us with 1080i only HDTVs?  If not they need to be made aware of this issue.  


    Mister Cerb, do you know of the best way to contact Microsoft about getting 1080i support patched for the Xbox One?

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    I'm in the same boat trying to find an answerr. TV only supports 1080i (or 480i/p and that is unacceptable).

    Please let us know WHO we can call and talk to, to get a patch ASAP that will support 1080i. I am unable to use this system at all in my Gaming room, the only place I can play it. I need to support 1080i.

    It's sad but, even the PS4 supported it out of the gate, I kind of expected it to when it said 720p or higher... as 1080i is Higher than 720p...

    This is a major disapointment..

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    I was wondering why there was no 1080i option! My display is native 720p but can upscale to 1080i and I can't even use that option! WTF MICROSOFT!?

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    I can't understand why they didn't choose to inccude 1080i. I put in a bluray yesterday, and it looks like crap compared to 1080i. I am not happy at all about this.

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    Microsoft needs to fix this ASAP. I have been tweeting them and everything.

    We need 1080i support on the Xbox one !!!!!

    Does anyone know a contact for someone who can help adress this ? Yea, Major Nelson does not reply to tweets...

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    This is a total bummer - I have the same issue with a Panasonic Professional Plasma display from several generations ago - with a picture still superior to 98% of what's on the market - I am very disappointed to see that the Xbox One is not compatible with 1080i, given that it is my highest available resolution.

    However, I did find a workaround; using another device (my Oppo BDP-105 Blueray Player) to input the 1080p Xbox signal in, and then export using the Oppo's 1080i output.  I think all Oppo devices have this capability, including the BDP-103.  Another benefit of the Oppo is its ability to upconvert signals to even 4k down the road.

    In addition, I believe many digital audio receivers or Bluray players from other manufacturers have the ability to act as video controllers - with HDMI input and output ports.  

    If you have one, it might be worth looking into, and set the HDMI input to 1080p for use with the Xbox and the HDMI output to 1080i to your TV.

    Hope this is helpful - the Xbox looks great once it works.

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    You all should know that 1080i is a unfortunate remnant of CRT HDTV transition.  You should all also no that in most cases 720p produces a better image as it has something like 30% more horizontal lines of vertical resolution.

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    Wish I had one of those Oppo BDP-105 Blueray Player laying around somewhere, because buying one isn't an option.  For $1200 I'd just buy a new TV.  And while the BDP-103 is cheaper its still $500.  And I doubt a cheap Blu-ray player would work, but that might help somebody else.  

    I just don't want to spend any more money to get the Xbox One to work, especially when I'm pretty sure the Xbox One GPU can scale to 1080i.  MS just needs to patch in 1080i scaling in an update.

    And this isn't about whether 1080i or 720p is better.  Those of us with 1080i only HDTVs don't have a choice between the 2.  We just want 1080i support added in a patch, so those of us with 1080i only HDTVs can use Xbox One.

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    Big, its not a remenant of anything.  The hd standard for broadcasting is either 720p "better for motion" or 1080i "more detailed"  I have a 1080 p tv and enjoy an uprez, but if anyone only has 1080i tv, its a very valid question.

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    I am down and out as my 65" only takes 1080i.  No problem for my 360, PS3, or my PS4!   Very disappointed as Microsoft produced the most compatible product last generation in the 360. Very disappointed!  Fix please!?

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    It is a remnant only CRT's do interlaced, all flat panel displays are progressive.  Even if the signal is interlaced a flat panel television will weave the frames together or double the lines.  This is because panel tv's have physical pixels where as CRT sets draw the image on the screen.  So since the only TVs that actually use interlacing are first and second gen HDTV's and no currently mass produced HD Television is limited to such, it is a remnant. Manufacturers used cheaper electronics that would only accept 1080i because it was the most popular HD broadcast standard but the benefits of progressive scan was known (no motion blur less screen flicker less judder), thats why most of the HD CRTs could do 480p for DVD and upscale 720p to 1080i And believe me I know about them I had a Sony WEGA kv-32xbr400 from 2000 until 2008 picture was almost perfect just a little bit of red push It was great with dish network who had bought out voom hd satellite service.   I digress, I think you guys are going to need to find another solution cause I doubt MS is going to patch that in since 99% of tv's with hdmi port have a scaler built in that can accept any input.

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    Get a Samsung Full Hd Led or just get a 4k model

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    @mister cerb: Here is his question that you completely ignored.


    "Is there a reason that Xbox one supports only 640x480, 720p and 1080p?"

    He would like to know WHY it only supports that,  he already knows it doesn't support it

    This other dude says "go spend 3 thousand dollars on a tv to play xbox" forums are full of geniuses