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Xbox One blank screen when i start the console

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Today i got my day one edition of the Xbox One, i was really exited !

But no luck for me the console doesn't work, at first it showed me the green screen where the logo is, and it was stuck there for a long time !

I tried to reboot but nothing ...

So i decided to just wait while the logo was there, and after some time the logo was gone and i had a buggy image on the screen then nothing just blank ...

rebooted again, same stuff ... logo, buggy image and black/blank screen ...

and then after i checked everything (Different HDMI Cables, Different Tv, Power, tried to connect it to my router through LAN ...) nothing worked ...

and the worst ! now when i start it it's just blank screen ! and what i mean by blank screen is not loss of the hdmi signal, there's a signal but nothing on the screen ... just black not even the logo anymore when i start it !

So please if anyone has a solution ... 

:( thanks 

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    Your Xbox One experience is similar to mine, except I havent gotten past the initial green screen.

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    Sorry to hear that, it really sucks ! and im really pissed off right now because no one at Microsoft or support is explaining this problem and if there's a solution !

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    Same happened to mine, I got the logo animation then it just went t a black blank screen after 2 minutes and never came back. I talked to Xbox One support on twitter which was no help.  I just returned it back to Best Buy. So much for Day One Editions. I'm not waiting 2-3 weeks to get a repair on an item I end up spending $800 on including games and accessories.

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    well I am having the same problem, had just the green screen, rebooted 3 times, now had the green screen, fuzzy image and now black screen which does have a signal.....this has been sitting on this screen for 40mins and counting.....pissed!!!

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    i have the same issue..

    green screen. black screen and thats all..

    thank you ms..

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    I'm afraid it won't work, left it for 5 hours and nothing, but keep trying and tell us if it works because i gave up :/

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    I have the same problem.  Turned it off and on again, now doesn't even show me the green screen.  

    Normally I would say it's to early too drink but today might be the exception.

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    clearly trolling the forums...why if it works! :/

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    Sly Impact Go get a life maybe ? if it's working so well what the hell are you doing here trying to troll us ? Forever alone i guess ;)

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    lol, apology!! I hope ur console starts the powering down when in the middle of a game!!!!

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    Not very nice, i just gave you something to look forward to, and you say that, tut tut.

    and yes, "apology" yes, good boy. It's ok, i won't check for grammar.

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    My xbox one isn't working either. I got it last night. Plugged it up and turned it on. Got the controller screen and then when prompted to push the "A" button nothing happened.. tried this for a good couple minutes. Then turned off the console and turned it back on. Since that first time my tv reads no signal. Tried switching hdmi cords, ports on tv, held power button for 15secs. Unplugged everything and plugged it back up. Tried being patient, nothing. Any fix?

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    Have you tried doing this:

    1) Unplug the power

    2) Wait 30 seconds

    3) Replug the power

    4) Make sure the TV is on (sometimes the TV goes to sleep when initial boot while updating)

    This will free up all the memory in system and start clean.

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    I have the same exact problem. I'm hot right now!!!

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    Same issue.  I'm livid.  I got mine home by 12:45 last night and have tried everything on the internet that didn't seem dangerous and still nothing works.  Unplugging, replugging, hardwiring to internet, unplugging cable box, inserting a disc, eject+power button reset....nothing works.  Callback time from Microsoft customer support was 3+ hours.  I'm extremely unsatisfied.  At least when I got red rings on my 360 back in the day I got to play it for a while first... this One is just a $500 paperweight...