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Party Chat Issues? START HERE!

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Can your Xbox One connect to Xbox Live, but you can’t hear your friends online within a game or a party? Or are you unable to host or join a particular multiplayer game? If so, you have come to the right place!

For party or multiplayer connection troubles, we suggest walking through the steps in our handy-dandy NAT Error Solution wizard. Just answer a few questions, and the wizard will walk you through the proper steps for a solution. 

If for some reason the troubleshooter doesn't work out, please make a new post providing the following information and we will be their to assist!

Router & Modem make/model: 
Wired or wireless: 
Multiple consoles on the same network (Yes/No):  

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    If you're getting this particular error message - "We can't turn on chat right now. Try again later" - please follow the steps below to get party chat working. 

    1. Quit your game- in home, highlight the game's tile, press menu button, select quit.

    2. Join the party.

    3. Turn on party chat.

    4. Then launch your game. 

    Please note, these steps are currently a work-around. We are working on rolling out a permanent fix, but do not have an ETA at the moment. 

    If you've tried these troubleshooting steps and are still getting the same message, please check out the post below.

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    Hi there everyone!

    If you've tried troubleshooting for the "We can't turn on chat right now. Try again later" error and you're still having issues with party chat, then it's time to investigate even further!

    Send me a Private Message (by clicking the little envelope under my post) formatted as follows:


    <Your Gamertag> Party Chat Issues Information


    • Confirm you tried the steps in Mister Ohnaka's post above
    • Console ID (steps to find it):
    • NAT type(open, moderate, strict):
    • ISP:
    • Specific date and time of the party chat failure:

     If it's happened multiple times, give us the most recent date/time!


    Also, have your friends (who are having party chat issues while in the same party as you) send me a Private Message with that information as well. Do NOT send an Xbox Live message. Information sent via Xbox Live message will not be investigated or responded to. All information must be sent via Private Message.

    This information is for investigation purposes so you may experience a delay in response to your PM or no response at all; but please rest assured that we are using the information to help us investigate this issue further.