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The "Bind" Button

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Out of curiosity, should the bind button be pressed like an actual button, or is it supposed to be tapped like a touch-pad? I ask because when i press it, it feels as though there is nothing behind the piece I'm touching and that I could just bend it into the system if I so chose.

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  • It is not an actual button. It is a lot like the eject button on the 360 slim. Just a tap.

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    The Bind button is on the left hand side of the console. It follows around from the silver at the front it is above the usb slot on the left hand side of the Console.

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    I fixed mine with xbox user help they sent me a link to a download that I save and put on a flash drive and hooked it to my Xbox one and it did a update that fixed it

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    Hey there, NUB! This thread is pretty old and already has a verified answer. I appreciate your enthusiasm to help others out, however there are newer threads people are posting that can use your expertise. You should head over to those ones and check them out. Thanks for the advice, though, and enjoy posting!

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