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xbox one turns on but wont go pass the green screen and the unit shuts off

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so I got my xbox one day one edition and hooked it up. I turned it on to be depressed, that great green screen came on got me all excited then the system shut off and that is all it doing. I have unplugged the system and did it all over again and nothing changed!!! SOMEONE HELP

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    I have the same problem couldn't fix it so I signed up for the advance repair.

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    there was a massive forum post about this and MS removed it for one reason or another.

    There is an offline update MS posted but then removed.  If you google it you could try that.  If not you are in the same boat I am in and MANY MANY others.....advance replacement and wait another week for what you paid 500 and already waited 6 months for =\

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     If you have the "Green Screen of Death" for more than 10 minutes, official Microsoft Support has stated you need to call official Phone Support and make sure you begin your conversation with them by stating that your Xbox One has been sitting at a green screen for MORE than 10 minutes. From a few users that have called, I have been informed they are receiving a firmware update and "flashing" the Xbox One and this has fixed the problem.

    If you live in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico you can call Toll free: (800) 4MY-XBOX or (800) 469-9269 or Hearing impaired (TDD device): (866) 740-9269 or (425) 635-7102. They are open from 9 am to 1 am Eastern Time or 6 am to 10 pm Pacific Time. Alternatively, you can use the and select the on-screen prompts to find out the International number for your region. Hope this helps!

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