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HDMI to DVI ??? Will Xbox One work with my old TV

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I have a 57 inch rear projection HD TV with a DVI input. I have a DVI-HDMI adapter but the Xbox One won't work on this TV. Is there a way to make it work????

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    Hey Rey,

    You can use an adapter for your TV but you will not get audio. for that to work you can use the optical out on the console to either your TV, audio receiver or to a headset. For now that is the best fix for the best results.

    Reach back and let us know what happens

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    Yes and no. The TV feature may not work with certain cable boxes. I have an issue with the verizon Dvr not displaying when using an hdmi to dvi cord going to the tv even when set to dvi. When the adapter is not used and I go straight hdmi it works(on another tv) with the same cable box. Strange. Only the tv feature won't work everything else is fine so far, but I like the tv feature.

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    Sounds like an older TV, so I'm guessing you have a 720p or 1080i maximum resolution on your TV.  You might have to set your xbox to 720p to be able to get video to work.  For Audio you will have to use the Optical Out port on the back of the Xbox One.

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