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Profile time played stats wrong

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Hi, on my Xbox One profile the time played for Dead Rising 3 is way wrong. It says 2 days on the console and 47 hours on smartglass but I've only played it for about 2-3 hours. Anyone having this problem with any game or know how to fix it?
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    I'm getting the same thing. I haven't found an answer yet but my best guess is that they are also including any time the game is in stand-by. In other words, if you don't press start on the game while you're on the home screen, and quit explicitly, the game is still running in the background (which is what allows that super fast switching.) It's still counting all of that time. Mine, right now, is saying I've played 6 days.

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    Yeah I have this problem too. Would love to see this fixed in the next update.


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    For some reason its broken on that game, lol   Mine says i played for 20 days,  that was 2 days after i got the game.

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    I have a similar problem but my time played shows 0 with all games... For example: Titanfall - shows 0 hours played when comparing with other player but I have actually played it for 7 hours.., Dead Rising 3 - shows 0 hours (actually 5-6 hours)..

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    It's been way off for a while.  NFS Rivals which I barely played at the time, like maybe 3 hours, showed 60 hours.  Meanwhile AC4 which I played the heck out of, only showed 22 hours when it's probably 60 hours or more.  So while they may be counting time during standby, they aren't doing it for all games - since I left AC4 in standby more than any other game because it actually worked getting right back into the game where I left it.

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    Mine is way off to. It says 1900 hours for BF4 when I've only played for around ten.