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Setting up Xbox One without HDMI

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So I know I'm going to get a lot of grief about this.. but we got an Xbox One and have been using it on an HDMI compatible TV. BUT... my husband wants it in his mancave (his old xbox has been in the mancave so he's used to it there and doesn't want to have to play only the old xbox in that room).

The mancave set up is like this...

It's a projector with S-Video connections we currently use. I have a switch box in there where we WERE (with the old xbox) using component cables for the xbox, directv, etc. and transitioning it into S-Video for the projector.

The S-video cable is running through the wall and into the ceiling so it would be awesome to be able to use the s-video cable with the switch box somehow so I wouldn't have to run new wires and won't be able to run it into the wall and ceiling since drywall was put up AFTER we installed the s-video cable. I realize that the S-video thing probably isn't going to work... unless there was an s-video switch box that I could use the HDMI from the Xbox One and switch it s video. But I don't think there is one with s-video, components, AND HDMI.

So instead... I came up with the idea of using an HDMI cable on one end and an DVI cable on the other. The downside to this is that it isn't running through the wall...although somehow we may be able to fix that since when we created the room we have empty PVC pipes to run wires but not sure how to fish it through the ceiling and down the wall...but that's another issue...

So I used the HDMI/DVI cable and it works for picture but not sound. Currently we have a receiver down there that is also hooked up as sound to the switch box with the red and white component cables. The back of the receiver has HDMI but not sure that's going to help since the receiver can't have video? (the receiver has a dvd player built in...which is where the HDMI, I guess comes in). But there is a digital optical. I have an old digital optical cord... that I guess I bought 10 years ago when the XBOX 360 came out. I tried that and plugged one end into the Xbox One and the other into the receiver. Then I used the correct settings on the receiver to change to the "D-IN" which I believe would be digital optical.. but no sound. I googled the owners manual for the receiver and found there are settings with digital optical you have to use. They are to pick one.. "MAIN, SAP, or MAIN + SAP." I don't have a clue what that means. I tried all three and none worked. Then there is PCM on and off. Tried both and that didn't work either. Then I found in the XBOX One Setup sound set up. I turned HDMI sound off and turned on optical sound to stereo. That didn't work. I found some article about Xbox One Dolby Digital not working until later so I tried in the TV set up to turn the Sound to beta and restarted and that didn't work either. I've tried all of those settings in many different orders ... trying to change the receiver then Xbox settings and then the next one and so on and no combination works. MAYBE the optical cable is bad since it's so old. There is a red light glowing on the other end of the cable once it's plugged into the XBOX One but I don't know if that means its working for sure? So of course tomorrow I'm going to go buy a new Digital Optical cable and see if that's the problem but I was also wondering if the settings are a problem.

So here's my questions...

What settings should I put the receiver on for "MAIN, SAP, or MAIN + SAP" and for PCM on or off?

Anyone have any better ideas than what I've tried? Also if anyone knows something better where I can still use the S-video cable we have currently running through the wall?

I know obviously some of you are going to say buy a new projector and BELIEVE me.. my husband has mentioned that over and over. Now it's his excuse to get a high definition projector... (by the way, now he wants a 3D projector since all of this went down) But I must try FIRST to see if I can get it work before forking over more money after we spent all this money on the Xbox One. And yes, we have 4 other HD tvs in the house, even a 3D tv but he is not going to want to use a different tv with the Xbox One.

Thanks for the help!

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    You can't and there will be no other way to set it up without HDMI

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    Oh Please...that is simply not true. I already did get it set up with an DVI/HDMI cable. Just need to fix the sound. Why would there be a digital optical port in the back then!!

    I'm sure someone who actually knows something will respond and give me a better answer.

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    Sorry to say but I'm sure dazzlerazzle is correct. The xbox one is an HDMI machine,its even written on the front near the disc slot. I've read multiple threads asking this exact question before and since launch and I've also watched videos on YT about this and these videos weren't just someone sat at home giving their opinion such as I am,The videos were by people who work in the Gaming community and sorry to say EVERYTHING I've read and watched/listened to has said The Xbox One will only work via HDMI cable!!!! I hope for yours and your purse/wallets sake there is a way around this,But TBH for your hubby's sake I hope he can get a sexy new projector then he can put the ONE to good use :). Good luck

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    Well just so you know. I bought a new digital optical cable and the sound works. And the video works with dvi/hdmi cable. So actually it is possible.

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    I have an old sony wega KS32… It is a digital tv without HDMI connector input. It does have component and DVI/7 with red/white RCA connectors for sound. The component connectors are labeled HD in but… I'm not sure that the HDMI to RCA component or DVI with REd/ white/ yellow connector attached will work. the sony support person says that if I can alter the output on xbox one down to 1080 i it should work. I was really hoping to find someone that has attempted this but…  I guess that I am the only person with this antiquated equipment… that really wants to get a few more years out of this $2,000 TV.

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    I gotta try this

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    there is actually 2 different ways you can hook this up with rca or component cables, I do have a projector and a tv without hdmi, that I have hooked up successful. the first was with hdmi /rca cable and the second was with a hdmi component cable with sound, if you have issues depending with sound you can use a hdmi converter pick up around 15 at walmart

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    First off, you won't get the S-video working with the Xbox One due to the differences in resolution. However as others stated you can use a HDMI converter to change the signal to Component, DVI or VGA - I use this myself. with my projector (HDMI to VGA). I've not used the ones with audio, as I use optical for my sound -  so it does work. If you are seeing the red laser on the other end when plugged in, the cable is probably good. You will have to change your audio settings on your Xbox One to use it.  Go to the Settings, select Optical Audio to bitstream out, then select either DTS or Dolby Digital. That should get the sound going on your system.

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    Hey, guys! This thread is a bit old. If CHIEF's answer doesn't help you out, please post up a new thread detailing what you're running into and troubleshooting you've completed. This way we can get you the individual support that works best on the forums! :)

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