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xbox one, out of memory 27

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Happened to me as well during COD ghosts. Booted out to home screen, lost a checkpoint, went back in no more problems for 2 hours?
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    Set your xbox one's power mode to energy saving instead of the default instant on and it will allow the system to fully shut down when you turn off the system instead of staying in a standby based off state.   This will let the ram boot up clean and wont have this issue.  You can reenable instant on mode once you reboot with energy saving mode.  But ive found it best to atleast turn off ur xbox with energy saving on atleast once a week to let it do a full startup.

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    I noticed my dashboard/desktop was moving sluggish after I had that "Out of Memory 27" problem with Call of Duty and as Xenokai suggested, using Energy-saving mode restored the smooth transitions of the dashboard and haven't had the Out of Memory 27 issue for a while as long as I do a full shut down every so often.  In the end, it is still an issue with Call of Duty leaking memory or the Xbox one Tri-Os sucking up too much memory.

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