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Xbox One not loading games properly.

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Occasionally my console will not load my games to play. Madden sits at the first loading screen, BF4 never gets that far before crashing to home. Only way to fix this issue is to unplug my console from the power block. Restarting the xbox does not do it. I know when I need to do this prior to even playing a game because the xbox will not turn on/off my devices. Other apps seem to work, watched netflix all day before failing to play game hours later. Anybody else experiencing this issue?
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    Ive been crashing from disc (BF4, Forza) and HDD (Killer Instinct) all night. I'll  try your idea on the power down:

    Powered down, counted to 10, unplugged from brick, counted to 30, powered up.... Killer Instinct made it to main menu, exited, BF4  made it to main menu!!  Thanx for the info. hopefully MS will get back to us as to WTF is going and and fix it. until then atleast we have this work around. If it wasnt 230am on sunday id probably try to get in a few games but then Id never make work. maybe no issues will keep me from playing again tomorrow night....good luck, thanx again.

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    I'm hoping this can be fixed with an update somehow. It's not just a disc drive problem because of the issue that it won't turn on/off my devices when I tell it to. It's strange though that's for sure. Hopefully MS has heard if this and has a solution in the works

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    Any confirmation that MS has acknowledged this problem? Would be great.

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    Hey there Paul! Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

    In order to investigate this further, we'd like to get some information from you. Please send me a PM (by clicking the little envelope under my post). You can organize it like this:

    PaulRhoads Game Loading Issue Information


    • Console ID
    • Game Title
    • Game Mode
    • Connection Type
    • Time when issue occurs

    Once we get that info we can look into it with you! Just be sure to send it in a PM and don't post it on these forums since they're public. :)

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    just sent that information over, thanks again! hopefully its just an issue that can be solved with updates and not a hardware issue

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    please add things that need fixed here:

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    Yeah I've experience crashing A LOT with BF4 and forza. My friends and I usually get dashboarded mid game. Any ideas on what they're doing about this?

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    No idea what they are doing about it now, but I started another thread about the issue. It's a problem with the Xbox not flushing the memory properly after shutdowns. Found a small article highlighting the issue. At least it's been a known issue and doesn't seem like a hardware problem. Easily fixable with an update it seems

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    Good ***. Thanks man. All these little bugs are so annoying on these first few consoles. Now I understand why people wait lol.

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    My Xbox loads the game then it will not let me go any further the the loading screen

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    Hey there, ii TyRoNe x! I'm sorry to see that your games aren't launching! This thread is over a year old. If you need further assistance, please post up a new thread detailing what you're running into and troubleshooting you've completed. This way our community can get you the individual support that works best on the forums. :)

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