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System Error E203 00000803 800700B7

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E203 00000803 800700B7 Anyone else get this? This is after being directed to use both the offline updates by Support
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    I've seen people report this after trying the offline update tool. I would recommend to try and get back on the phone with support - 1800-4MY-XBOX.  Please report back though if they do anything to fix you up or recommend and RMA so we can follow up with other users experiencing this issue.


    Do you know what caused this? was it the update that came out last week or did it just error out after gaming?

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    I had the same error after using "offline update tool" too!

    In the xbox site, this error simply means that it is giving error in validating of the update! Does this buggy update is available??

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    I'm smelling a class action lawsuit coming down the pike soon. There are alot of unhappy people out there.... I will call support later, I will report what is told to me.

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    I was told to open a ticket to get RMA....  ya, I will take this turd back to gamestop, good thing I purchased a protection plan.

    I had a feeling something like this was going to happen.... Nice quality control

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    first of all why did you purchase an XBOne anyways. that's your real problem