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Solved: XBox One won't download initial update- freezes at 74%

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I spent the better part of two days attempting to get two different XBox Ones to download the initial 500mb update at my house.  I had been trying both wired and wireless connections.  They were failing every time at 74% (127mb remaining).  I found dozens of posts online where people were having similar issues but saw no resolutions.  After chatting with 3 Microsoft techs and one person on the phone, I was able to trace the issue back to my network setup.  Although my internet connection was performing at a solid 30mbps download speed, whenever the Xbox plugged in to a port on my router, it would fail.  Once I plugged the Xbox direct to the cable modem and reset the modem, the update completed successfully.

I would suspect the Xbox has an extremely short timeout set if a connection hiccups but I could not get a solid confirmation from Microsoft on this.  Hopefully this helps someone on Christmas morning.