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Xbox one wont launch or load ANYTHING!

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my xbox one has been working well for the past two weeks and now all of a sudden my xbox one will sign me in but not into xbox live and there are just the spinning circle loading symbol where the store is.              when ever i select something from the home screen it does not do anything.      and when it does load it just shows the logo/loading screen image then goes back to xbox home.  not even the settings will work!!!

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    same problem here.

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    Just do a hard power off, touch the power button on the console for 5 seconds. Worked for me

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    I have the same issue.  Hard reset worked for me.

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    This just happened to me. First the voice commands stopped working, so I thought whatever and turned on Netflix with my controller. After I watched a show I tried going to a game but it do what the OP said. Then I said what the heck, maybe I should see what's wrong with the kinect voice commands and went to settings, etc. and it froze. I turned off the Xbox and then unplugged the brick. Is that bad?

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    Same problem, did a hard reset (hold the power button until it completely shuts off).  Came back on, worked.  I was worried for a minute!