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Power brick not working after power outage

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I was playing and the power went out for half a second and when i went to turn it on after a little bit it wouldn't turn on so i checked the power brick and it wasn't on. I unplugged everything and plugged it back in and it's still not working. what do i do?

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    You will want to register your console at and setup a replacement power supply be sent to you

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    Have you tried to see if it works with other power outlets?

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    Its not plugged into a surge protector is it?

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    don't ever plug your x1 into a surge protector. it already has one in the power brick...


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    Good luck, unfortunately you'll need it. Mine failed Dec 17th. Despite constant contact and assurances of being escalated, to this day I've have yet to receive a power supply, or even contact from this supposed tier 3 advocacy team. Just more assurances from agents not authorized to actually do anything.

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    the power supply has a fuse in it, unfortunately the power brick is sealed. You will have to get a service request #, you will have to pay to ship it and get insurance and a tracking number.

    The Warranty Center in Houston has been known to lose items that customers have sent them. Mine included! This then will create a nightmare for you and you will have to wait over a month before any action from a advocacy team will take place. These are cold hard facts!

    as H3LLspawn and I can verify!  Good luck and may god be with you because it will take God to help you!