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XBOX ONE repair option for a system that wont turn back on and I smelled smoke when it shut off on its own...... Tell me if this is ridiculous??

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I spent about 2 hours on the phone with your Microsoft yesterday. There employees were great with assisting me however I have the following issue with Microsoft repair methods. Please let me know if the following is accurate based on the issues I reported.


1. The Xbox one makes grinding noises when I put a disk in. It takes me about 5 times or more taking the disc out and putting it back in.

2. The Xbox one shut itself off yesterday and would not turn back on. When I went to unplug it, I could smell like a burnt smell.

I looked up the repair methods for Xbox one and it indicates the following:

While creating your repair, you have two options to get your product repaired, Standard Repair and Advanced Exchange.

  1. If you choose Standard Repair, Microsoft will provide you a shipping label to send your non-working console to the service center where it will be repaired and then shipped back to you.
  2. If you choose Advanced Exchange, Microsoft will send you a replacement console first. Once you receive the replacement console, you send back the non-working console.

The problem with the above is that  he online site wouldn’t let me set this up yesterday so I had to call. When the first customer service rep helped me, I asked for option B as I have no problem with putting money down to have one sent to me. After 30 mins she told me that her system has not acting right and needed me to call back or be transferred. At this point, I told her to transfer me. After 30 minutes of explaining the same problem, the guy on the phone told me there were internal issues with the
systems and he would call me back. This was at 11 am EST 1/25. I waited until 2 pm and called back to speak to someone else. The rep on the phone went over the
same items and took 30 more minutes. He told me that it was not allowed for me to have them send me one until they received mine because there was a smoke
smell. He processed the repair and told me I would receive a box to mail mine in and then they would send me one. I would not have to put money down but it
was going to take 2-3 weeks. This is ridiculous to me as I am offering to put money down for a product that did not work more than 2 months for me. And now
you are telling me there is no way possible for me to get one for 2-3 weeks???

After this call, I called back to speak to someone else to confirm what my options were and they indicated that was right. So I asked, if I called and
said that it wouldn’t turn on and I didn’t smell smoke, I could have down and Advances Exchanged and received and Xbox one in less than a week. She told me

So I ask, how does this make sense???? I have been an XBOX fan since your first products but this is not the way to do repairs on a new products.



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    So I guess the moral to the story is "it's better to lie"......that's pretty much the way I roll anyway , good to know though, if I ever smell smoke DO NOT TELL MS !

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    Exactly. Wish I knew that before I called. The funnier part is I said to them... So if my car caught on fire you would wait weeks to give me a new one but if I said the blinker didn't work you would bring me a car right away. The rep laughed and said pretty much.  

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    How did u talk to someone.  No phone number ANYWHERE.  Your the closest I've gotten to an employee in a building

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    Hey there JMRock83,

    We'd be happy to dig into this to clarify fully on what's going on, but to do so we're going to need that's called an SR# This is a number provided by the agent you spoke with, either via chat or phone. Sometimes it's emailed to you or verbally given to you over the phone.

    If you can, please send us the SR# via Forums Private Message to me Mister Mascot, by clicking the envelope below this post and we'll be happy to take a closer look.

    Thanks so much!

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