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battlefield 4 and titan fall not loading after install

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I few friends have been reporting to me that they are having problem with there games not loading, I myself have had problems with battlefield4, the problem I had was the title screen appears hangs for a while then returns you to the home dash board, and you get a error message  about syncing to TV.

yesterday a clan member, install titan fall with not issue's ,when tried to play it, runs to the screen with the spaceship in front of the earth and the loading icon stops and he gets dump back to home screen, he has tried a factory reset and still the issue persist, we then got a friend to login with his details from his Xbox and the game run ok with no problems, is this a disc issue or a hardware issue

what are the fix's for the problem ?????

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    You should also ask this on the official sites as the devs are likely to have more answers

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