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dead rising 3 season pass problem

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i have attempted to download the season pass for deadrising 3 on the xbox one numerous times, but everytime it says it cant authorise the payment method, i have money in my bank account but it wont let me download the season pass, can you help?

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    Try changing the card your account is linked to and make sure your details are correct and things like expire dates are correct.

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    As stated above make sure your card details are correct and make sureyour billing adress is up to date. You can do that at this link

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    I had the same problem. Here's what you do.

    1. Go to my games and apps.

    2. Go to the game and hit menu.

    3. show all add-ons.

    4. Season pass is installed but you have to go to each of the other DLCs and install them individually.

    Hope this helps.