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Free Xbox one system*Promotion*

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Awhile back ago you ran a promotion gifting out free xbox one systems with forza, it was the same promotion that was ran for KI arcade game download.

Well I had contacted support numerous times and they are sort of baffled at this and not knowing what I am fully on about, sept for one worker who knew the promotion and even stated I should of been gifted a system..

My question is how do I go about contacting someone about this, since support told me now to come here to get it resolved out.

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    You should have to come here at all. You should have received an e-mail that stated to Call 1-877-696-7786. You would then have to provide your e-mail (the one linked to your Gamertag) and the confirmation number and they would do the rest. However, the bottom of the e-mail reads as follows:

    "Free gift valid only for the authorized account holder of the gamertag this email is addressed to, and is nontransferable and not redeemable for cash. Limit: 1 per gamertag. To qualify for your gift, you must follow all redemption instructions by November 30, 2013. Failure to respond with all requested information by this deadline will result in forfeiture of your gift. If you are qualified, anticipated delivery of your gift will be after November 22, 2013. Valid delivery address required; any gift returned as nondeliverable, or otherwise not delivered to you, will not be re-sent."

    I'm afraid you might be out of luck but the only way to find out would be to call the number above with the confirmation number from your e-mail. 

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    when i called on nov 9th, no one at MS store knew what i was talking about. i called again over 3 days and finally got someone who knew what to do. i ended up getting the system, but have not received any games yet.  IMO this was a horribly executed sweepstakes.

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    @many are you saying you received the email stating you won ?

    or you read somewhere like a blog stating that people got free consoles for tenure?

    if you read somewhere like a blog then you were fed false info by the blogger this happens a lot lately due to people listening to reports

    to be a winner you had to be picked there was no qualifications other then being one of the lucky 100 or so who won and being a fan

    three was no draw or any entry you just had to have the email and gamertag and confirmation number of the winnings

    ms store nor xbox support will give you any of that as only winners had those and the special department of msstore (there was one specific guy we had to contact ) and eprize

    if you had received the email then you would've followed the instructions given including the tax form you had to fill out


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    being a person from day one of xbiox live wasn't a qualification you had to be one of the winners for the ki codes or consoles to actually win

    you really didn't think they had 1m consoles to give out did you?

    if just by tenure then it would be in the millions


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    @choras if you had received the wining email you would've had the contact info for escalation (it was a private number for you to redeem)

    for the games

    as the coide has now expired

    you needed to contact that person and fill out the tax info sheet


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    2 dozen phone calls and 2 months after receiving the xbox, i finally got my games and live subscription with a huge apology.  the 3rd party company dropped the ball BIG TIME. on top of that they sent me a 1099 form with 1000 charge on it for my taxs, which i then had to have them zero out.

    I know everyone is hammering for their 3 free months of xbox gold with this months ambassador challenge, , but digging up 3 month old threads for credit? youre a top tier ambass, you know better. thanks for your humble opinion though.