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How to stream video from PC to xbox one?

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This was very straight forward with the 360 but I just can't figure it out with the one so far. The description of the xbox video app says that this is capable of doing it yet it doesn't appear to have that capability.

How do I stream video files from my pc to my xbox one????

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  • Harlon Nayl 101

    My question is (now iv finished my rant) is this something that will be fixed? or do I for the first time in my time with Microsoft (even through the red ring of death saga) start considering the option of selling and moving to Sony as they have the options that Xbox 360 had.

    I think you will find, and more than happy to be corrected, that Sony's implementation is even worse. I don't think there isn't even a DMR and they are pretty much limited to a web browser

    You don't have to go to your computer every time to initiate a stream, you can use a few tools out there to make it a tad bit more streamlined. You can setup a DLNA server and use your smart device as a remote. Or depending on your server software, use an IE window to go to browse the server from the box directly.

    I agree that currently watching a movie on your X1 is way to complicated and cumbersome.

    As for what you can do, is head over to the feedback site and add your vote.

    Given that it's second from the top behind background music, I would be fairly confident MS would understand the demand for this feature.. But I guess adding you vote wouldn't hurt.

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    Hi mal68au,

    The following answer is how I managed to do this from a Windows 8 PC.

    Make sure you have downloaded the Xbox Video app for your Xbox One. Once download complete, make you to open the app too.

    When the app is open, the Xbox One should now show up as a play device on Windows 8. To play content from your PC to the Xbox, open up the specific media file you want to play (in my scenario, an episode of How I Met Your Mother) then go into the charms menu while in the video (a swipe in from the right on touch devices on point your mouse in the top right/bottom right corner of the screen) and click devices. Then click Play, then select Xbox-SystemOS. It may take a few minutes the first time but it will them stream the file to the Xbox.



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    Thanks but I am using Windows 7 and so this makes little sense to me. Sorry I should have specified that in my post

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    i also need help and using windows 7

    My Set-up

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    me too

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    Anyone have advice for OS X Maverick?

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    I have vista and the same problems

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    This helped me (running Windows 8). Thanks.

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    So yeah would be nice to know how to stream from windows 7.  I don't see anywhere to sync media center??  SOme help would be nice.

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    Same.  I would love to stream from my Windows 7 PC to the Xbox One.  Searched all the help/support threads, but found nothing.   I really hope this is possible.

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    I'm looking for this too, would rather not upgrade to Windows 8.

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    Yeah, I'm a bit shocked this isn't easier to do. Worse, I'm getting worried it isn't even possible. This has been a core feature of every Xbox so far.

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    The only way I was able to stream my movies to the xbox is by going to windows media player on your pc (I am on a windows 7 pc), find the movie you want to play, right click on the movie and select "Play to"->Xbox video.  The movie then starts to play on the xbox.  Wish they make it so you can see your movies/HDD as a list on the xbox but works for now.

    Note you must be in XBOX video on the xbox for windows media player to give you the "Play to" option

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    Wow so I saw all the replies and thought we may have a solution but quite the opposite hey, hope they sort this out soon

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    Hi all, This should help you (It does for me)

    The Xbox One will let you stream content to the console using DLNA, although on day one there's no native support to initiate those streams, so the console acts as a receiver only.

    That means Xbox One won't go out and find content on your network, so it can't retrieve those files on your DLNA-compatible media server, for example, that all your other connected devices enjoy.

    This is something that could easily be overcome with an Xbox One app in the future, but so you're not kept waiting, here's how you can get streaming to your console right away.

    You can easily send content to your console from another DLNA device directly and Xbox One will recognise the incoming stream and open the app required to play it.
     If you're streaming music, you'll need to have Xbox Music installed as this will act as the receiving music player.
     If you're sending video or photos, you'll have to have installed Xbox Video. Both apps are free in the Xbox One's store.

    Many Android phones have a native app to do this from media applications, but sometimes they are only good for sending local content from the phone to the Xbox One.
    We tried it out with the HTC One and found it worked well enough.
    However, the Skifta app will solve all your problems, as this free app can be the intermediary between your DLNA media server and your Xbox One.
    All you have to do is install the app, search for the source and select the playback device: Xbox One will be listed, ready to receive your content. 
    Then you identify the file and across it goes. 
    We've streamed a range of content from our network to the Xbox One without a hitch: it's great for impromptu photo slideshows, great for video and great for music. 
    Bear in mind that your smartphone will need to be able to play the files - ie, have the codecs for the video format.
    Skifta is also available for iOS and we've tested Skifta on the iPhone 5S with the Xbox One and it works in exactly the same way as the Android version. 
    Both apps are available for free, right now.
    Happy streaming!


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    Thank you xKing.  That does the trick, although it's not exactly what everyone in this thread was hoping for.  It also works for songs through Xbox Music, although you won't be able to port your playlists without moving each into the "play to" window.