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Can't use Skype or Upload stuido due to "past behaviour"

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I get the message "Choose something else to play" simply because I assume MS was not happy about a video I uploaded. I think I should have just had a warning and not to do it again (don't even know what I did wrong in the first place).

I think it's strange that MS allows you to record any game footage when there are games with really bad foul language and I say something like plonker or c*ap and I get my benefits removed esspecially I had 100% feedback when I was on 360 for about 5-7 years on Xbox Live.

MS can you please sort this out please?

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    I can't believe the staff still haven't posted on this thread.

    I'm really thinking about selling my Xbox One and getting a Playstation 4. I don't get any of this messing around with my PS3.

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    Someone should call MS and inform them that theres like 8 people on here with no response. It's getting to the point where I too am thinking about selling my xbox one.

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    Ok, I have an answer; the suspension is for a week.

    MS really does need to

    a) be much clearer on their terms as to how strict they will be.

    b) implement a strike system or at least message people.

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    Having the same issue :/ I had a few friends over to have a a bit of a xbox one night.We recorded a picture in picture reaction to a goal my friend scored on fifa. A lot of profanity later I have the same message as everyone else  . Rang Xbox Support. It has been passed over to a specialist Xbox one team in america.

    So I am  assuming i have a suspension or something but it would have been nice to know this was going to happen & also if I am indeed suspended why when I enquired with Xbox one support, could they not find a ban or suspension on my account ?

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    A week? Wow.

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    I use the "B" word and got banned. Extreme concidering thats used on t.v. and the radio. Also locked out of Skype, rediculous since that has nothing to do with the outside community. It would be nice to have a better explanation than "CHOOSE SOMETHING ELSE TO PLAY." At least the 360 gave details on how long a temp ban would be, I had to search the internet for hours to get some form of idea what happened. The xbox support was no help what so ever.

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    same here this makes no sense YouTube curses all the time and I posted on multiply things about this and gotten no response

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    Quick update for you guys. My features are now back. I found a post on Reddit where a guy called MS and they told him it was a 24 hour ban. Seems to be true. Refrain from using profanity when uploading clips or using text chat on Skype to avoid it happening again.

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    Back up & running, like the person above, do not swear lol & if uploading to Skydrive, it also uploads to the community.

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    Well mine is also working now but it was more than 24 hrs for me and one person on here said it was a week ban for them.

    I'm gonna leave it unanswered as I'm still not happy about the handling of the ban by MS and this still needs to be cleared for people in the future who use these features.

    MS call centre and their forum are totally useless, also annoyed me that a staff member ignored my post on the accounts and suspension section twice on the forum.

    MS actually do something as I feel all my fees are just used for you to dodge paying taxes!

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    If they have the technology to detect swearing, why not just bleep it rather than ban the user?

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    It is a bit silly especially in Skype as this is private between friends people that know each other you should be free to say what you want (obviously if it is legal). If I want to use some profanity in a private call to a friend or family member I should be able just like I can via a telephone. Come Xbox/Microsoft this isn't very clever.

    I do understand the bans in Upload if they were explained somewhere clearly not hidden in T&C's (that they know not many people read). But this needs to be more intelligent if you are doing a voice-over for a game that is for child or rated so then you shouldn't be allowed to swear etc however if it is BF4, COD:G, and other mature games that have swearing and killing etc in the games themselves then you should be able to commentate how you see fit.

    If you read this Xbox/Microsoft then please let me know whether I am off base or not.

    Also forums users if you agree then reply and add your own comments.

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    Skype itself doesn't have any profanity filtering/detection/etc. However, it does perform a Skype Gold check for a set of privileges (including voice and video communication). If you perform an action elsewhere on the Xbox Live system (e.g. using other apps or games, including on an Xbox 360) that results in a ban (temporary or otherwise) from those required privileges, then you will not be able to access Skype until that ban has been lifted.

    Skype for Xbox One Community | Skype for Xbox One FAQ | Xbox Live Status
    I work at Microsoft as a Snr Dev Lead on the Skype Qik for Windows Phone development team

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    VG247 and Polygon are now pushing for answers on this guys. I'm hoping Microsoft improve on this but I respect it's a launch and things happen but communication in this instance has been terrible along with a poor message that makes no sense.

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    C. Communications & User Created Content

    •Do not create a Gamertag, profile content, Avatar action, Avatar content, or in-game content that other users may be offended by.  This includes, without limitation, anything related to or suggestive of:

    ◦Profane words/phrases

    ◦Topics or content of a sexual nature

    ◦Hate speech

    ◦Illegal drugs/controlled substances

    ◦Illegal activities

    ◦Controversial religious topics

    ◦Notorious people/organizations

    ◦Sensitive current/historical events

    ◦Any “sound alike” or “look alike” words, phrases, or puns that reference these topics are also prohibited