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Can Kinect Take Pictures?

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On the Xbox 360 you are able to take a picture of yourself for your gamer pic, now with the new xbox one, it seems impossible to even change your gamer picture...

and it seems as if we dont have a real "profile" anymore...

Is there a way to change my gamer picture with a picture of myself?

also, irrelevant question... how do i check the memory and storage use on the xbox one. ive tried navigating everywhere and cant seem to find anything.

xbox one is lacking a lot of stuff...

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    Hey there Wizards!

    To answer the storage question first, there is no way to see how much free space you have currently. If you're running low on space, then you will get a notice in your profile's notifications or a warning when you try to download new content.

    As for the Profile, you can definitely customize it! In your console's settings, select "About Me." This will allow you to choose a new Gamerpic or make one with your Avatar. You can also customize and outfit your avatar, select the color you'd like to see on your dashboard, change your Gamertag, and adjust your privacy settings. You can also get to that area by selecting your Profile.

    Unfortunately, taking a picture with your Kinect sensor to use as your Gamerpic is not an option. But there are a ton of fun poses you can strike with your Avatar!

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    What a horrible response. You should really be ashamed of yourself. There are a lot of things missing in regards to the new xbox, fortunately for you I'm a fan boy or I'd have gone with the PS4 which is almost like telling your Dad that you're a Brony...........humiliating.

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    Thank you for asking these questions, I was wondering the same things. Too bad we got a scripted answer.

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    Take a chill pill bud. Remember when the 360 came out? Look how far they came. I can understand disappointment but "you should be ashamed"  is an overreaction of a spoiled child (or bad parent). Give your opinion and let them grow. The shunning for something so useless is just flat out silly.

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    My frustration is coming from being a programmer/software dev. The issues with the system are things that most programmers can code out of college, thus why I'm so irritated. I'm not a kid and I have no kids. Xbox has been doing this for a long time, the chance to "grow" has passed. X86 architecture is not new, there are no excuses. IMO

    I'm entitled to my opinion, if you don't like it, then don't put a ring on it.

    Oh and I did state that I'm a FAN BOY so I'm not in here trying to trolololololo or anything.

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    I was wondering the same exact thing, The box art even shows the xbox dashboard with a custom photo of a man as the gamer picture for the x-one. It seems very deceiving that they show this as a feature but don't allow it. But maybe one day we will have this option.

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    We can always hope :)

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    I specifically logged in to reply here. This is for


    Man i think you nailed it on the head there. The initial question was very specific in a feature you were requesting.

    The answer you got was a polished template response like auto reply on email, that would *** me off as well.

    I want to take pics on my xbox one, no i dont want to fool around with avatar poses wtf is that, who ever that person is from microsoft treated you antagonistically and like an idiot.

    Very unprofessional from microsoft forums support, if a customer asks about a feature give a straight answer and move on!