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Xbox One losing TV signal

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I just set up my xbox tv and have the HDMI cable plugged in fully to both the xbox and the cable box. The screen, however, keeps switching from a freezed frame of the last thing that was on my tv to saying "We've lost your TV signal!" Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    I am having the same problem.

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    Try unplugging the HDMI cable and shutting your xbox off, plugging the HDMI cable back in and then turning it back on after like 30 seconds or so, it seems to be working for me now

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    I'm having the same problem. I originally unplugged the hdmi and shutdown the system. This fixed the problem initially but has since started playing up again... seems to happen after being in Standby for a few hours.

    Maybe the techs could look into it a bit further and come up with a fix?

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    I am  having the same problem. After each standby perdiod my Xbox is loosing the signal from TV. I have to restart my Xbox to get the signal back.

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    Having similar problem, Australia.

    First connect of Foxtel Pay tv box works great (but no guide)

    Shutdown console, turn on 2mins later, TV signal received but no picture on screen.

    Shutdown pay tv box, still a picture appears on screen frozen but no continuing channel picture.

    Reset factory defaults, connect pay tv box and it then works great again.

    Shutdown console, turn 2mins later and again no Tv picture, as noted above.

    Sounds like a software issue, I hope tech updates soon.


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    Same problem with my cable box.

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    Interestingly I am having the same problem here in California, Kingranger49, I keep losing the TV picture until I reset factory defaults, but then shutting down the console and walking away for a few minutes causes the TV to disappears again. Its definitely a software problem as the software seems to hang up when I try to get into the TV and Cable settings to just reset the TV on not the whole Xbox.

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    Hey guys, can you all do a few things?

    1) Give us the provider, make and model of your STB?

    2) Make sure to set the STBs to output 720p

    3) Set them to output stereo audio, not surround sound

    4) Make sure the Surround Sound (beta) option is disabled in Live TV troubleshooting settings

    Program Manager, OneGuide, Movies & TV, and Groove team.

    Trouble controlling your devices? Try using the IR codesets from

    Issues with OneGuide data? Go to TV & OneGuide settings -> Troubleshooting -> Report a OneGuide Problem.

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    I have had a similar issue while connecting my HD box. The HDMI-IN port on the Xbox  was the culprit. All I had to do was apply slight downward pressure to the HDMI cord while it was inserted into the port and it started working fine. Try wiggling it up down left and right until the picture shows up on your screen. Hope this helps.

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    I had the same, removed the HDMI, turned off XB1 and TV and Sky Box, refitted HDMI and restarted XB1, works fine now, hope this helps someone.

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    Same issue here... None of the above fixes work, just freezes on the screen

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    Same here.  I made sure my STB is 720 and is using stereo output, but the tv picture freezes after only a couple of seconds of playing during the setup process.  I have a motorola dch6200 cable box from charter.  

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    Same problem here, nothing works.  Get a picture for a few seconds, it stutters, then get signal lost.  Obviously this is a real problem.  The media pass through is both the number one and really the only reason I bought the Xbox-One.  Really disappointed here.

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    I have the Same Problem - Get a picture for a few seconds, it stutters, then I get signal lost - (I have tried 3 different HDMI cables) but the issue persists.

    Comcast Cable Box: Motorola RNG150N (pat of an any room DVR setup)

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    I just answered a similar question in this thread:

    The essence is that I recommend to switch on the power saving mode as I described in the other thread (May be called different in the English menu, I have a German console and am just guessing the English names).

    Only a workaround but may help you out until this is fixed