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VIdeo flickers when switching between 720p and 1080i channels

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Hi there,

I have a typical setup of CableBox->XBOX One->AV Receiver->TV.

My Cable Box is set to 'native', so it passes on the underlying signal.  If I am watching a 720p channel (e.g. ESPN) and then switch to a 1080i channel (e.g. HBO) there is a strange zoom/flicker when switching channels.  If I switch between two 720p channels or two 1080i channels there is no problems.

I can work around this by setting my Cable Box to always output 1080i or 720p, but this would be disappointing as I would loss out either the resolution of 1080i channels or the 60fps of 720p channels.

Is this a known issue and if so are there suggested fixes?