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Xbox One Black Screen Live TV Issue and Live Support is Terrible.

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I've spent two hours now with "Landon" as he gave me troubleshooting steps that are available publicly on the xbox site. I've tried all of these steps he's given me, and he's even began telling me steps we've already done.

My cable box is the Motorola DCH3200

I've asked multiple times if he would transfer me to ANYONE else (including his supervisor) and he has ignored all requests.

He's even gotten my chat mixed up with other support chats. Someone please help me. I don't want to do that "work around" with the energy saver mode. I paid $500 and that's what I expect out of it.

Here are the last couple parts of our chat. I believe he is finally about to transfer me.

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    UPDATE: If you want to avoid waiting for 2 hours, know that the issue is most likely you need a new cable box/firmware update for it. Took the supervisor 3 minutes to give me that solution. 2 hours for the employee "Landon" to take me from a happy mood to pissed off.

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    Hi XboxMB Wesley,

    I have the same Motorola cable box with Comcast cable. When I connect everything, the cable box displays "duI" (which i figured is actually "DVI"). I can't watch TV at all through the Xbox One.

    Did you have the same problem? If so, how exactly do I get a cable box firmware update?

    THANKS SO MUCH! Happy New Year!

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    XboxMB Wesley and FeasorOfTorts,

    I am sorry to hear about your customer service experience (Wesley). I take it from the header (as the links don't provide any other info to the nature of the issue). You were getting a black screen. If indeed it is the du1 error, this is in regards to the STB (cable box) denying a request for any additional pass-through's. This was software inlaid into the STB firmware to avoid recording equipment from being added to the STB (to prevent the recoding of TV shows (copyright infringement)). If it is the du1 error there is only 2 options: 1. remove any additional HDMI hops other than the Xbox One (Cable Box HDMI XBox One HDMI TV) (test this first). 2. Exchange STB from the cable provider. This is all 'off the cuff' as I need more info to make a good decision:

    1.TV provider

    2. Layout (Set Top box (STB) aka Cable box hdmi Xbox One hdmi TV)

    3. Make/Model AVR (Receiver, if used).

    Ideally, everything would work with everything forever; that was the hope in the design. As there are a million different cable boxes, each with their own settings, layout, and ui (user interface), firmware, and headend. For each one a soft-layer must be written. We are always working to improve the experience as we did with 360. Please hang in there, provide the information as asked above, and I will do everything I can to help. I hope this provides a bit more info and makes a bit more sense. Please do let me know.


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    Hi XB1R Hermes,

    Thanks for your reply. I will test out option 1 tonight.

    As of right now:

    1) TV provider - I have Comcast cable as my TV provider.

    2) Layout - Regarding my layout, I have my Motorola DCH3200 STB connected to my Xbox One. Then I have my Xbox One connected to a 1X4 Monoprice PRO Series Powered HDMI Splitter. The first output from the 1x4 HDMI Splitter goes to my Vizio TV. The second output goes to my Sony TV in another room. Finally, there is a third output going into a Kinivo 501BN Premium 5 port High speed HDMI auto-switch (5x1). The output of the 5x1 HDMI (auto-) switch also goes into my Vizio TV.

    3) No AVR receiver.

    Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much!

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    HDMI splitters do not normally pass data in the same layer as pushed in. They use channel layering (most of the time)which causes distortion of the signal (I don't want to go into too much detail here, because I am sure it will lead to a debate that I am not willing to debate on :) ) . I am really not surprised you are seeing a black screen. Go simple and let me know... no splitters! :) I hope this helps -Cheers  

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    I have the same problem and I am not using splitters. I even replaced the xb1 provided hdmi cord with a new 18Gbs high speed cord and the same with the one that goes to and from my cable box.

    This is an issue I believe with the xb1 one pass through. I do get the DVI message on the screen of my cable box (motorola DCT6416|||), but I with now doubt also get a degraded HD picture. Loss of audio at times and picture stretching and freezing.  

    Samsung high end smart TV too. ???

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    Mine doesn't work at all either, I have tried everything. I have Motorola DCX3510-M.