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For some reason TV took too long to start Problem

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The TV feature on the Xbox One was working fine until about three days ago. Every time I try to use my TV through the Xbox it says "For some reason TV took too long to start. (0x8027025a). I would go to the settings and disable the TV and Xbox connection but the settings for that are in the TV app so I can't do it. I have an LG tv and a DirecTV cable box. If anyone has ant idea how to fix this or any information what so ever please respond 


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    I'm having the same problem and getting really frustrated because I'm not sure how to fix this.

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    I fixed the problem with mine. its hard to explain. but ill try. its going to take a few cycles on xbox on and off to fix it. the problem occurs if you manually turn off a component while the xbox is powering on or off.

    ok put your xbox in energy saving mode and reset it. notice when it powers back on after about 3-5 minutes your tv and cable will turn off. everything is reading backwards so at this point leave it in energy saving and turn your tv etc back on. now with everything on reset the xbox again. at this point it should turn off all components.  now turn the xbox back on and everything should be fixed. go back into settings and change back to instant on and check the tv function it should be up and running. hope this helps.

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    One other thing you can try is to Power Cycle your Xbox One Console (not the same as restarting the console). To Power Cycle, hold the Xbox console touch button for 8 seconds until the console turns off, then wait 30 seconds, then turn your console back on. This will clear the cache and reset the network card. Afterward see if you still experience the same problems using the TV app.

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    Your (eG x Thee Elf) power cycle method worked for me! Thank you!

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    Guys I need help when I try to start 2k it says "for some reason nba 2k16 took too long to start" what should I do?

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    What the hell!

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    Apps work games don't!