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still having issue with referring a friend and not getting points

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on the 31st of january i contacted microsoft to say that i had refered a
friend through live rewards to go gold, but neither of us had received
points. i was told to wait for his subscription to continue for 30 days.
more than 30 days has passed now and instead of pending, it now says
expired. he has remained gold and neither of us have received points.
this is very frustrating

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    Hey LFC, very sorry to hear about the issues with RaF! To be sure, was this advice delivered to you here on the forums, or over the phone? Also, would you friend be able to post here, so we can take a look at his account, too?

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    advice was given to me by Miss Hennanigans, she has since sent me another reply to the same forum post, stating it could be 45 days. It has now been 42 days and I believe once it hasnt happened by then, she will say 60 days. How does my friend post on here?

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    I am LFCFamily's friend

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    Miss Henanigans not Miss Hennanigans

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    as you can see from previous post above dated 03-08-12 at 10.53pm you asked me where i got my information from.

    The confusing details are that she said it would take 30 days and then she said 45 days. 43 days past now. i wait with baited breath for next two days too pass.

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    Hey LFCFamily, I can understand where you're coming from but all of these details are listed in the FAQ and the Rewards Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions. It seems now that it would have been 45 days. I'll see what the Rewards team says about your referral.